Databases managed by international Organizations

  • IATE (Inter Active Terminology for Europe) Terminology Database for the collection, dissemination and shared management of terminology between various bodies of the
  • UNESCOTERM UNESCO's terminology database (multilingual)
  • UNTERM United Nations terminology database (multilingual)
  • TERMIUM PLUS The Government of Canada’s terminology and linguistic data bank (GB/F F/GB)


  • Telecom Knowledge database about telecommunications and informatics (GB/F F/GB)
  • ELECTROPEDIA International Electrotechnical Vocabulary on-line database (F/GB GB/F)
  • TERMITE Terminology database of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) (multilingual)
  • ANF Web site of the French National Frequency Agency (F/GB/ES)
  • ARCEP Glossary of technical terms, acronyms and abbreviations in the telecommunications sector (GB/F F/GB)
  • Eutelsat Terminology on satellites, units of measurement, signal processing, equipment etc. (F)


English and French Reference Works

Other languages dictionaries

  • English-German dictionary  (GB/D)
  • LEO German -English dictionary  (D/GB)


  • Juripole Compilation of French case law, legal articles and doctrines - registration fre
  • EUR-Lex (multilingual) Portal to European Union Law



Economics and finance

  • IMF International Monetary Fund glossary (GB/F F/GB)
  • WTOTERM Terminology database of the World Trade Organization (GB/F/ES)
  • Business English glossary (GB/F F/GB)
  • Edubourse Unilingual stock exchange glossary (F)
  • FIS Financial Information Strategy Glossary (GB/F F/GB)
  • INSEE French official job classifications (F)
  • ABCnetMarketingMarketing glossary (F)
  • OECD Accounting Glossary (GB)
  • Campbell Harvey Hypertextual glossary of financial terms  (GB)
  • National Bank of Canada Financial and banking glossary (F/GB)

Dictionary directories